Welcome to the 19th year of the annual gathering of the Buskatiers at Bustoberfest 2018

When:  October 19, 20, & 22th, 2018

Where:  Indian Cave State Park

It's time once again for the Buskatiers annual camping event at Indian Cave State Park in Southeast Nebraska so get out your propane heaters, dust off your generators, drag out your winter clothes, and come join us for a nice leisurely weekend of vintage Volkswagen camping.

We are part of the official park festivities this year so Saturday from 1:00 to 3:00, the Buskatiers will be providing cotton candy, other goodies, face painting, and games with prizes for the kids and patrons of Indian Cave State Park.  Please consider volunteering 2 hours of your time to help out.  The staff as Indian Cave State Park has been extremely accomodating to us the past 2 years and we want to maintain this fine relationship between the Buskatiers and them.  Jan Alexander has been a crucial element in helping us not only pull off this event, but also insuring we get a great location for the event in the park.  Many thanks to her and the staff at ICSP!!!

What you need to know for the campout:

Since Indian Cave State Park is a state park, a permit of some sort is required to camp.  You can purchase permits by the day at the check-in station.  You can tell them you are camping with the Buskatiers Volkswagen Group.

Head on over to Google Maps to see where ICSP is located at.  We will be located in the original location of Bustoberfest, which is the tent campgrounds.  This will be the 3rd left after you pass the toll booth.  We have permission to park on the grass and there are electrical hookups!  No more than 2 campers per pole.  Fees are $5 per day per vehicle to get the park pass and $12 per night to camp.  Annual passes are $25.

If you need heat, please consider bringing a propane heater, generator, or use the on-site power.  Follow ALL safety rules regarding your heaters.  There is no substitute for a sleeping bag rated for extremely cold temperatures.

There are nice heated showers and toilets in the tent campground.  You will receive a free map of the park when signing in so study it closely to find the locations of the various facilities.

Please be respectful of other campers.  This includes keeping the noise level down at night (including voices, generators, needless revving of engines,
etc.)  The park has had mangers in the past who were indifferent to our arrival so PLEASE don't give them any cause for complaint.  There have been a few.

Leave NO litter behind.  There are trash bins provided for your trash.  This includes foods, cans, and anything that wouldn't have been there had you
not attended.

For our Saturday night hoopla, please feel free to bring some food to share with others.  Consider this the *MOST* informal form of potluck you've ever heard of.

Feel free to bring any kind of an item(s) for the raffle.  This is a free event where names are drawn and win a prize just for showing up.  It's nice to
see something you brought go to someone who can really use it.  The look on kids faces makes it all worthwhile.  If everyone brings one item, everyone
will win something.  Ideas for things to bring are anything VW-related whether new or used, parts or toys, any vehicle care products, hygiene products for campers, camping supplies, or simply anything you don't want but wouldn't want to throw away.

Music is encouraged and appreciated.  If you play an instrument, bring it along.  Everyone enjoys music around the campfire so guitars, banjos, ukuleles,
bongos, drums, anything is encouraged.  Just be prepared to play in a group jam session!

What is there to do?

Since ICSP is located close to Brownville, NE, Whiskey Run Creek Winery is worth a visit.  It's a winery built on the site of an old brewery and inside of a renovated barn.  Wine tasting is featured and wines along with other products can be purchased here.

ICSP has a museum as well as nature trails and quite a few scenic spots to visit.  Explore the park and I guarantee you will run out of time to see and do it all.  Part of their exhibits feature soap making, candle making, and black smithing to name a few.

Since this is a VW event, feel free to talk VW, speak VW, and do VW.  In the past engines have been pulled and rebuilt, problems diagnosed and repaired, and
the sounds of trains have echoed through the campgrounds (depsite no tracks around!  You'll have to ask around to find out!!!  Even our resident fuel injection guru and traditional "Heart-Attack Special Pancake Maker" Glen Hadley has been known to bring a dead baywindow bus to life at this event.  There is plenty to see and lots to talk about.

Consider using your GPS to go geocaching in the area.

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Tribute to Wes



Record attendance of 42 VWs in 2004. (Not all VWs are pictured.)

 After many years of not camping in the tent campgrounds, we finally got back to
where it all started.